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June 20, 2019
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For most people, Friday, June 14th 2019 is just another Friday, another welcome end to another week of work, but, for Dylan E. Crampton, it marks the bookend of an incredible 12 months.

Back on June 1st, 2018, the young Greystones singer/songwriter released his debut single, Jimmy & Cecil, this infectious slice of jingle-jangle pop striking an Fadd9 chord across the country.

And now, after a string of remarkable singles, Dylan is about to release his fifth in a year, the chugging, charming and ever-so-slightly cheeky Stop Being An Asshole.

It’s the latest careful, cautious and thoughtful step towards a long and fruitful career. Whereas most young musicians who had just graced the nation’s longest-running TV series, The Late Late Show, would have tried to cash in with an overnight sensation album, a tour, and a range of bath salts.

“We just don’t want to release anything that we don’t believe in completely and utterly,” says Crampton. “And if that means taking our sweet time, so be it. We have an album’s worth of material, but, we’re not quite there yet with a truly worthy album…”

As Stop Being An Asshole is unleashed, Dylan and his brother-in-crime, Elliot, are busy rehearsing for their first headlining gig, at The Vintage Rooms in Dublin’s Workman’s Club on Saturday, July 6th, with pin-up queen Oh Golly! Miss Dolly! in support. This intimate gig is both a way for the lads to go a little more widescreen with their set and also to test the water for when Dylan brings it all back home, at The Whale, on Sunday, September 8th. Who knows, there may even be some special guests that night.

So, you can see why the 20-year-old wunderkid is excited and delighted. And more than happy to talk about his calm, cool and cunning plan for world domination, one backbeat at a time…

You can grab your €5 ticket for July 6th’s Vintage Rooms gig here, and that hometown headliner at The Whale on Sept 8th here, check out Stop Being An Asshole here, and follow Dylan on YouTube here, Facebook here, and soundcloud here.