Nasty Barbed Wire Trap For Bikers On Downs Hill

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April 25, 2016
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Nasty Barbed Wire Trap For Bikers On Downs Hill

Willow Grove Barbed Wire Robbie Linton April 2016
As a regular walker of the woods surrounding our fine little town, the sight of mini-road blocks designed to stop a mountain biker in his tracks is not an uncommon sight.

Willow Grove Barbed Wire Bikes Robbie Linton April 2016There’s an unspoken begrudgery from walkers who believe the woods are meant purely for feet, not wheels, and that rivalry has mostly been benign verging on silly. Up till now.

What local cyclist Robbie Linton came upon earlier this month on Downs Hill was far from benign or silly though. It was downright reckless.

We’ll let Robbie explain…

Absolutely Raging at some evil bastard who decided to booby trap some local mountain bike trails on Downs Hill (Willow Grove). It started with a few sticks, etc, and has now escalated to a point where today I narrowly missed BARBED WIRE strung across the track at neck height at a jump.

If anyone knows anything please report it to the Gardai, (or let me know), as this person is going to really hurt someone.

Wicklow cyclists barbed wire hurtIf you want to contact Robbie, you can do so through his Facebook page here. In the meantime, 98FM have posted this shot, right, as a follow-up, but, turns out it’s actually from an incident in the UK last year, at Guisborough Forest in November, 2015.

We’re going to go check with Wicklow County Council about the rights of way here. Just so no one is getting angry – or stupid – for no good reason…