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June 8, 2020
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June 7, 2020

We knew Dermot Davis was a special kind of gardener when we were lucky enough to tag along last year when he was creating his Redford Park paradise for RTE’s Super Garden.

Man, that place had everything, from chillout zones to sun lounges, from an open fireplace to outdoor table tennis.

Dermot knew these RTE cats wanted spectacular, and he gave it to them. “It’s all about finding out what the customer wants,” he nods. “This is going to be their space, their great escape, and that means tailoring every single blade of grass, every flower, every corner, to them…”

Part of the Davis Motors family, unsurprisingly, Dermot’s work ethic is strong. The man doesn’t rest until he knows that garden is just right.

And that means finding the right plants for the right space, whether it’s a large sprawling garden or a snug hideaway.

“The recent Covid-19 lockdown has made people think about the space they have,” continues Dermot. “That little patch that you call home should be a joy, and it should be an extension of your home, your character. And that means designing a garden that hits all of your needs whilst satisfying all your aesthetic desires too.”

And Dermot isn’t shy about pushing the boundaries, as his Super Garden entry proved. “I just like the idea of, say, having an outdoor sink in your garden with hot running water. Nothing is impossible, and it really is all down to individual taste and desires…”

With over 25 years experience in garden design, environmental conservation and horticulture, Dermot Davis clearly knows what works and what doesn’t in a garden.

And he can make your little oasis a reality right now with a special introductory offer of 20% off any planting projects over €150.

You can find out just how by getting in contact directly on or 0894164761.