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April 8, 2019
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April 18, 2019

It’s always a kick when we realise just how wide a range of music the annual Stepping Stones: Battle of The Bands competition drags out into the light.

As with 2017’s debut, last year had all the colours – and sounds – under the sun, from CBGBs-worthy Blush (now Talk Like Dog) to Emily Beattie’s loopy love-ins, from Hail & Rain’s harmonic hugs to Lauren & Sam’s 4am siren calls. 

And if you don’t believe us, check out 2018’s beautiful dreamers here. And 2017’s right here.

So, alongside the King himself – in all his middle-aged spread glory – we’ve got young teen punks Overture, and countering Nicolaas Walle’s impressive one-man Wall Of Sound we’ve got former Feud Danny Bradley’s Beta-esque Oyster Island.

Our judges will be chewing over this fine funky feckers over the coming weeks, helped by that live outdoor showcase, whilst the public vote closes at 6pm on Friday, May 10th. In the meantime, let us know who your personal favourite is in the comments below…

Overture Pursuit

With an age range from 15 all the way up to 16, three-piece Greystones punk band Overture mean business. And Blitzkreig Boppin’. And turning it all the way up to 11.

So, you know, lock up your granddaughters, baby.

You can follow Overture on Twitter here, and Instagram here.

Oyster Island Keep In Touch

Another three-piece, Oyster Island grew out of the ashes of our 2017 winners, Feuds, with Danny Bradley teaming up with two of his buddies for a little folking around. Far from the mathing crowd.

Gigging steadily for the last three years, Oyster Island have decided to stay off the social media radar, deciding instead the let the music do all the talking. And the selling.

Nicolaas Walle Dance With Me

Counting the likes of Bowie, King Crimson, Vangelis and Peter Gabriel among his influences, 19-year-old Delganite Nicolaas Walle clearly brings something of his own to the table. 

A multi-instrumentalist who built his own guitar at 16, this half-Irish, half-Dutch wonder released his first album just after completing his leaving cert, and has since released a second. Which, of course, is nuts.

And when his songs are compared to the likes of Pink Floyd and Eric Clapton, well, this teenager out of time isn’t complaining.

Currently studying Creative Music Production in IADT and STC, you can find out more about Nicolaas Walle on his website here.

Margarita Chernikova They Are A Mess

Having made an impact in last year’s Battle Of The Bands, 16-year-old Margarita Chernikova has been steadily developing her distinctive singer-songwriter groove over the past 12 months with an indie folk kick that could see her crowned The Queen of Austin, Texas one day. Should Margarita be interested in such world domination plans.

We get the impression though that this is one artist who’s happier being the queen of her own particular world though, and They Are A Mess proves that it’s an ever-evolving, ever-inventive place to be…

Mekkan Ju Over The Mound

A band who clearly like their polyrhythmic grooves, Mekkan Ju deliver music for the feet first, then the heart, and shortly after that, your head will be spinning. Having already produced an album, Live At The Tivoli Backstage, which was recorded as part of the Liberties Festival by Loring Films, leading light Justin McCann reckons their influences are “from everywhere – and I mean everywhere“.

So, listen carefully, and you’ll hear some Tibetan nose flute on the second verse here. Magical.

You can follow Mekkan Ju on Facebook here, Bandcamp here, Twitter here, Soundcloud here, and Spotify here.

Alan ‘Elvis’ Adamson Suspicious Minds

Hard to put into the words the passion Alan Adamson delivers here, as he belts out his all-time favourite song by his all-time favourite artist.

Despite having dressed as Elvis for the previous 40 years, this was the very first time that young Adamson stepped out on a stage as The King – and, bejiggers, he nailed it.

Some people are rock’n’roll gods on the weekends. Alan ‘Elvis’ Adamson is a rock’n’roll god seven days a week.

If you’ve got a kick-ass tune that you want to add here, just send it in to info@greystonesguide.ie, along with a little info about yourself and a ridiculously flattering pic. After all, there are €1,500 in prizes to be won – all courtesy of those generous souls down at Greystones Municipal District. More info here.

In the meantime, go vote below! And we’ll see you at The Castle Inn anon…


  1. labiba says:

    Margarita Chernikova

  2. Tommy says:

    OVERTURE ,original new band

  3. Gwen Burke says:

    Defo overture

  4. Nathan griffin says:

    Come on Overture

  5. Nathan griffin says:

    Gotta be overture!

  6. Mike says:

    Overture ftw!

  7. Rob says:

    Overture 100%

  8. John Keelan says:


  9. Jo says:

    Nicolaas Walle to win!

  10. Rosemary says:

    Overture to win

  11. Chris Burke says:


  12. Rose Burke says:

    Has to be overture

  13. Ava griffin says:

    Overture were awesome

  14. Sani says:

    Nicolaas Walle is my boy. My vote for him

  15. Robert Grey says:

    Overture did the best performance!

  16. Ger O says:

    Overture to win

  17. Shane says:

    Nicolas is class, to win

  18. fou presque petit ami (ne m'en veux pas) says:

    Rita has nothing but pure talent. My vote for her.

  19. Polly G says:

    Nicollas to win … amazing talent !

  20. Pete says:

    Overture are the best

  21. Dmurphy says:

    Overture is the best

  22. Sandra says:

    Overture by far

  23. Amanda says:

    Nicolaas Walle!

  24. Barbara says:

    Overture get my vote

  25. Emmanuel N says:

    Gotta be overture

  26. Darragh o’brien says:

    Overture proper rock & roll!

  27. Maya says:

    Definitely overture

  28. Rose says:

    Overture! Overture! Overture!

  29. Cian C says:

    Nicolaas Walle to win!

  30. Paula Gilbert says:

    My no- 1 vote for Nicolaas. Amazing young man and a great talent

  31. Bobby says:


  32. Cassandre says:

    Margarita Chernikova

  33. Damian says:


  34. JR Sachs says:

    Overture for the win! Top stuff!

  35. Mary Adams says:

    Overture were Fantastic, they have my vote

  36. Cian O'Meara says:

    Nicolaas Walle for sure 🙂

  37. Geraldine Minogue says:

    Nicolaas Walle to win

  38. Mark Lee says:

    Nicolaas Walle #1

  39. Jane Keane says:

    Overture amazing

  40. Bastiaan van galen says:

    Nicolaas Walle
    Give my vote to him, nice music

  41. Rory says:

    Overture great drummer, he rocks and rolls ♿

  42. Sandra says:

    Overture by far

  43. Ries Engbersen says:

    Nicolaas Walle. He’s the man.

  44. Suzanne says:

    Nicolaas Walle, great song!!

  45. Willem-Jan Scholten says:

    Without a doubt: Nicolaas Walle!!

  46. Bettina says:

    Nicolaas Walle, he’s the BEST

  47. Emily says:

    Nicholas Walle !!

  48. Ann F. says:

    My vote goes to Nicolaas Walle

  49. Ann F. says:

    My vote goes to Nicolaas Walle.

  50. Jane Ahern says:

    I vote for the super talented Nicholas Walle

  51. orla says:

    Nicolaas walle to win. Good luck

  52. Mary Jackson says:

    My vote is for Mr. Nicholaas Walle.

    Well done.

  53. Niamh Kenny says:

    I vote for Nicolaas Walle

  54. Conor says:

    Nicolaas Walle

  55. Clara says:

    Nicolaas Walle to win.

  56. Mary says:

    Nicolaas Walle to win!

  57. Emma Hughes says:

    Nicolaas Walle to win!

  58. Marie Lee says:

    I vote for Nicholas Wally

  59. David O' Riordan says:

    NIcolaas Walle lovely tune

  60. helen caffrey says:

    Nicolaas Walle. A very mature sound for one so young!

  61. Orlagh says:

    Nicolaas Walle Dance With Me has my vote.

  62. Ciara Mc Nally says:

    Nicolaas Walle to win

  63. Suzanne says:

    Nicolaas Walle for the win ☺️

  64. Louise says:

    Overture. Xxx

  65. Tina says:

    Overture played great!! They deserve to win.

  66. Rita says:


  67. Tommy says:


  68. Ashley says:

    Nkolaas Walle for the win

  69. Kenan says:

    Nicolaas Walle to win

  70. Mikey says:

    Nicolaas Walle

  71. Laura says:

    Overture to win

  72. Janice says:

    Has to be overture

  73. Louise k says:


  74. Aoibh says:

    Hands down – OVERTURE are clear winners!!!

  75. Larry says:

    Overture are great – full on rock!!

  76. Patte OReilly says:

    Nicolaas Walle for the win! Brilliant

  77. Dec says:

    Loved Overture they should win.

  78. Deco says:

    Overture are an excellent rock /punk band. They’re going places!

  79. Helen says:

    Overture were the best

  80. Karl says:


  81. Ciaran says:

    Overture to win the battle

  82. Joanne says:

    Overture you ROCK !!!

  83. Jake says:

    Overture were definitely the best & most original.

  84. Declan says:


  85. Keith Fay says:

    Overture \m/

  86. Louise burke says:

    Overture for sure! The only ones with their own sound!

  87. Conor Gorman says:

    Wasn’t expecting much from Overture, but they did the business

  88. Tom Hogan says:

    I really enjoyed Overture yesterday, they were a real breath of fresh air, especially the Stiff Little Fingers song which brought me back to my youth

  89. Alex says:


  90. Seán says:

    Overture definitely

  91. Cass says:

    Overture absolutely, their performance was by far the best

  92. Louise says:


  93. John says:

    I vote for Margarita Chernikova

  94. Alena says:

    My vote for Margarita Chernikova

  95. Alena says:

    I vote for Margarita Chernikova.

  96. Pablozorro says:

    Margarita Chernikova FTW !!!

  97. Niamh says:

    Margarita Chernikova to win!!

  98. Jack says:

    Margarita Chernikova!

  99. Lucy says:

    Margarita Chernikova <333

  100. Caja says:

    The best is Margarita Chernikove

  101. Daniel says:


  102. Philip says:

    I vote for Margarita Chernikova!

  103. Steve says:

    Margarita Chernikova’s song is very impressive

  104. Catherine says:


  105. Bradley says:

    A vote for Margarita Chernikova – a great sound!

  106. jinjahman says:

    I vote for Margarita Chernikova. Brilliant stuff!

  107. Aidan says:

    I vote for Margarita Chernikova

  108. OKSANA says:


  109. Martin Gray says:

    Margarita Chernikova!!!

  110. ANUTA says:

    Margarita Chernikova all the way!!!!!

  111. ANNA says:


  112. Anastasia says:

    Margarita Chernikova all the way!!!

  113. Thomas says:

    Margarita’s song is absolutely outstanding!!

  114. TATIANA says:


  115. Xuan says:

    I vote for margarita!! She is an absolutely amazing musician!! Lots talents and great passion for music !! Vote for her!!!

  116. Maria says:

    I vote for Margarita Chernikova!

  117. Larisa says:

    My vote goes to Margarita! Great talent

  118. Aizhan says:

    I vote for Margarita Chernikova! Amazing!!!

  119. Karen says:

    I vote for Margarita!

  120. Iryna says:

    Margarita Chernikova rocks!

  121. Iryna says:

    Margarita Chernikova is my favourite!

  122. Julia says:

    I vote for Margarita Chernikova!

  123. Alessia zaffiri says:

    Margarita chervikova is incredible!!

  124. Oleg says:

    Margarita is outstanding, voting for her!

  125. Natalia says:

    I vote for Margarita Chernikova ! She is the best!

  126. Nikolay says:

    My vote for Margarita!

  127. Elena says:

    My vote for Margarita!

  128. Svetlana says:

    Great song , Margarita!!! Well done !

  129. Tatjana says:

    Margarita Chernikova all the way !

  130. Taya says:

    Margarita, she is the best!

  131. Carolyn van der Elst says:

    Nicolaas Wallet gets my vote!!

  132. Inna Samosenko says:

    I do like Margarita ‘s song!

  133. Inna says:


  134. Tina D says:


  135. Cianan Power says:

    Margarita Chernikova’s world domination is my vote.

  136. julia says:

    Margarita Chernikova all the way!!!!!

  137. J says:

    Overture are the next big thing

  138. Renée Whelan says:

    Nicolas Walle is absolutely outstanding

  139. Pam Meredith says:

    Love Nicholas Walle! Brilliant guitar!

  140. Finn S says:

    Overture will chew up and spit out Nicolaas Walle, I’m voting for them

  141. Aislinn bowers says:

    Nicholaas Walle is the best!

  142. Scyela says:

    You’ve got this Nicolaas Walle

  143. Emma says:

    I vote for Overture, good old rock n’ roll!

  144. Dustin MacAllan says:

    I vote for Overture, amazing song!

  145. Eoghan says:

    Overture are going somewhere, they’re really aggressive and fast, what we need. Gowan Overture!

  146. Jack says:

    Nicolaas walle all day

  147. Emer Brady says:

    Thumbs up for Nicolaas Walle

  148. Proinnsiasa Ni Chathasaigh says:

    Thumbs up from me for this talented up and coming artist Nicolaas Walle

  149. Mairead Kelly says:

    Nicolaas Walle to win

  150. John Lorimer says:

    Overture is definitely going somewhere, their lyrics and musicianship are brilliant. They have my vote

  151. Geraldine Normoyle says:

    Love the brilliantly talented Nicolaas Walle…Get’s my vote.

  152. Anisa Haddad says:

    I vote for Nicholaas Walle!

  153. Nicola McCracken says:

    All amazing… but Nicolaas Walle has the edge!

  154. Maria Fernandes says:

    Vote for Nicholaas Walle. Just listen to his musical genius!

  155. M.Dodd says:

    Nicolaas Walle is an amazingly talented musician. Brilliant song Nicolaas!

  156. Mary Dore Poulter says:

    Nicolas Walle is an incredible musician. A legend in the making.

  157. Susan O’HallorN says:

    Nicolaas Walle is heading for stardom

  158. Karen McBride says:

    Nicolaas Walle to win! Such a talented musician!

  159. Ciarán McBride says:

    Nicolaas Walle

  160. Ciarán Mc Bride says:

    Nicolaas Walle FTW

  161. P.J. Murray says:

    Nicolaas Walle ftw

  162. Malcolm says:

    I vote for Overture, just some good old punk rock, something you don’t see these days

  163. Claire Walle says:

    That Nicolaas Walle is something else!

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