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November 4, 2020
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November 5, 2020
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No Paddy’s Parade For 2021

It’s going to be another quiet Paddy’s Day in Greystones next year, as the local district council have announced they won’t be pulling out any stops.

Citing budgetary issues, and the issue of Covid-19, the district council administrator and staff will not be available as usual to arrange the parade.

“In the future, a voluntary committee or traders committee will be needed to handle and run the parade, assisted by the local authority,” Derek Mitchell, Cathaoirleach of Greystones Municipal District, said at last week’s monthly meeting. “Rather than the local authority running it with very little assistance.”

Mitchell pointed out that in many towns around the county, it was the commercial people who ran the annual parade.

Pointing out that past St Patrick’s Day parades had been well run by district administrator Myra Porter and Kay Coughlan along with others on the district council, but, addressing the regular struggles every March 17th, he said, “the big problem is stewarding on the day, and putting out barriers and chairs.”

Or, to put it another way, there’s a distinct shortage of volunteers every year.

Cllr Lourda Scott expressed her surprise at the amount of work involved, and thanks the organisers for their achievements over the years. “It is a fantastic event,” she said, “and I hate to lose it, but it can’t go on the way it is.”

Cllr Tom Fortune pointed out that there was simply no budget for next year’s parade, Cllr Mitchell nodding, “Not at this point in time,” before adding, “but, it is a wider issue…”. The local councillors voted against the cut.

You can go relive last year’s Virtual Paddy’s Day Parade here, and go explore previous years right over here.