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July 18, 2020
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July 19, 2020
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Now That’s A Proper Greystones Sunday

With that sun beaming down on the town, it would be hard to find a better day for doing nothing in Greystones than on this glorious Sunday.

And taking a walk along the seafront, it was as though everyone was caught up in their own happy little bubbles…

Keeping their distance, but also making the most of living in a seaside town with enough little sandy alcoves having emerged between The South Beach and The Cove in recent times to give pretty much everyone their own private oasis.

The fact that the seafront wasn’t packed packed this afternoon made it all the more relaxed. And clearly helped when it came to not rubbing shoulders with your fellow sun worshippers.

During such uncertain times, we’re blessed to have this great escape right in our town, a chance to step away from the everyday and just float downstream for an afternoon.

Here’s hoping, after a ridiculously wet June, we get plenty more days like today. Should help this lockdown limbo just fly by…

You can check out today’s pics in hi-res here, and other strolls through Greystones here.