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August 4, 2015
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August 5, 2015

Utilising natural light to bring out the natural beauty in everyday life, Greystones-based Pablo Photography focuses mainly on portrait work.

You can tell a lot by a face. Not just the race, the sex, the age, but the character. The soul. 

You can also tell if the person is beautiful or damn ugly.

Of course, everyone is beautiful, in their own way, and in the right light, and frame of mind. And that’s what Pablo Photography always aims for.

The big reveal in a small detail – a laugh, a smile, a glance.

Taking care of the bulk of photography on the Guide – beyond much-loved regulars such as John McGowan and Brian Keeley, we love nothing better here at GG than heading out around Greystones with our trusty camera – and, of course, Max – to see what lightning just might be captured in a bottle today…

It’s all about catching the moment that lasts lifetime. And suggests a lifetime, both lived and ahead.

So, if you want to capture your life, and your loved one’s life, right now, and forever, Pablo Photography is there for you. With a special introductory offer of just €60 (rrp €75)  in the Wicklow area for a set of 20 shots on a disc plus one framed 10′ x 8′, you really can’t afford not to have these magical moments captured forever and ever.

Just look at the beautiful faces here…

Pablo also has a wedding special – €300 gets you over 200 shots of the big day, along with two framed 8′ x 10′ favourites. Which is pretty nutty value, if you ask us.

We can also take groovy photographs of your shop, your band, your handmade hats, your confirmation – whatever – for just €75. Price includes 50 hi-res, top-of-the-range shots for you to love, cherish and obey.

You can view Pablo Photography work on the Facebook here, or you can have a snoop around the Guide, of course, with new shots added pretty much daily.

Alternatively, you can simply email for further details, or call us on 0872848684.

You can find more examples of Pablo’s photography all over de Guide here.