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November 27, 2018
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November 28, 2018
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Running Up That Hill

It started with a simple shout-out on the Greystones Open Forum back at the beginning of October…

Would anyone be up for doing the Couch To 5K in Shankill on Saturday, December 1st…?

The hope being, hey, four or five like-minded souls with good soles might answer. Turns out, there were quite a few like-minded souls with good soles in the town.

And just about every one of those 42 runners are gathered tonight in Shoreline, for their thrice-weekly training session for the big day.

Big shout-out to the six coaches [Eileen Strahan, Wendy Larkin, Helen Hunt, Julie Cole Byrne, Sharon Felton & Martin Ó Malley, left]who whipped everyone into shape. Nicely done, my sons.

Before tonight’s training session, we caught up with three of the ringleaders, Sharon, Julie and Eileen to find out how it feels to be in Greystones’ friendliest street gang…

You can find out more about the Couch To 5k run this Saturday right here, and the Greystones Couch To 5K gang on Facebook here.

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