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Scrappy Days Are Here Again

The morning may have started off a little wet, but, by the time the gates swung open at 9am for the first St David’s Car Boot Sale of 2018 got underway, de sun was shining bright.

Bright enough to have Eilo Vickers almost smiling when she gave out to GG about her recent cover story appearance.

Yep, this is where you meet a grabber class of people, everyone on their uppers with those bargain jitters whilst also trying to cope with the growing downer of fruitless scans of increasingly disappointing stands. There’s stuff here that Vincent de Paul would give you a slap across the head for bringing in.

Like so many car boot sales, St David’s is a heady mix full of strange bedfellows, boxes of secondhand sunglasses sitting beside demoted trophies, K-Tel compilations beside unused baby shoes, novelty frames beside The Hangover III on blu-ray.

This is where impulse buys come to die.

That said, there were some truly curious antiques going a-beggin’, alongside some fine handcrafted goodies, glazed donuts and enough DIY equipment to bring The La Touche Hotel back to life.

Running on the first and third Sunday of every month until September 2nd, from 9am to 3pm, you can find out more about the St David’s Car Boot Sale right about here.

The 2018 timetable for the St David’s Car Boot Sale is right about here.


  1. Paul says:

    Sorry to have missed it, will be back in areas again soon. Sign me up for news updates.

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