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April 22, 2021
In A Class Of Its Own
April 26, 2021

t was back in July 2016 that Johno Hughes and Jane Lunnon got to open their dream coffee shop on Tara Street in the big smoke.

This was the street that, back in the 1800s, used to house nothing but cobblers.

Thankfully, despite the fact that Shoe Lane Coffee took in just €100 for that first day, Johno & Jane’s little coffee shop that could, well, did.

“It was something that we had both wanted to do for a very long time,” explains Johno on this sunny Saturday afternoon, “and we knew that it wasn’t going to be a success overnight. Which meant that we were willing to work for that success, from power-washing the street outside to getting the very best coffee and beyond that we could inside.”

Two years later, and another Shoe Lane opened in Dun Laoghaire, proving that all that hard work and deep love for what they were doing was far from cobblers

And now, having noticed, eh, a gap in the market in Greystones, they’ve just opened their third outlet, in Waverly House, just across from The Happy Pear.

Which is why we swung by this afternoon, to find out from Johno and Jane what it feels like to be the proud owners of Greystones’ 100th coffee shop…

Open from 8am to 5pm daily, you can find out more about Shoe Lane Coffee right over here.