The Cows Come Home
May 9, 2021
Greystones Players’ Radio Daze
May 11, 2021

he bould Jake McKone led us across the driveway of his front garden, serving as yet another depot for Disney.

The Greystones two-day shoot for Disenchanted starts today, and sure, The Burnaby doesn’t know what hit it.

There are horses, carriages, an indifferent donkey, a hundred or more people making up crew and extras, and, of course, Zoe Brady’s home turned into a flower-covered cottage fit for a princess.

The princess in question being Giselle, who, following 2007’s wonderful Enchanted, is now enjoying her happy ever after alongside her unlikely knight in shining armour. Stars Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey will be on set today and tomorrow, but right now, we’re heading across Jake’s driveway to finally snap those sheep we’ve been trying to track. Last night, they could be heard bleating up in Delgany (possibly grazing in The Old Rectory, or praying in Farrelly’s yard), and right now they’re next door to the McKone abode.

Before we get to the hole in the hedge though, Little Bo Peep must have been, because they’re gone. Baa! Humbugs!

Still, the excitement down by Erskine Avenue is pretty infectious, as yet another coach-load of extras pull up to the barrier, and another horse drops a p-bomb on Portland Road. When the oul’ man and his donkey come trundling up through one such Milk Tray calling card, sure, you’d think for a second that the Catholics were taking over The Burnaby.

Mickey Mouse and the gang must be blessing that weather this morning too, the sun splitting the sky after almost two weeks of constantly spitting on us from a great height. And we even checked out the Enniskerry set for you here too.

We’ll have a full report on the shoot itself over the coming weeks. Just as soon as Amy and Patrick answer our emails.

You can find out more about the Disenchanted shoot right about here, and about another Burnaby brush with Hollywood here.