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July 16, 2017
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July 16, 2017

With campaigning already underway for May 24th’s local elections, we’ve asked each of those running to answer five simple questions about where they’ve been, where they’re at, and where they hope to take us all.

Especially given that they’ve all agreed to keep our town and village centres free from campaign posters.

Day by day, each entry will be given the floor, unedited, to express their plans and hopes, their dreams and schemes.

And to keep it fair, we’re doing this alphabetically. So, seconds, up, it’s Mags Crean, a new face in politics who standing as an Independent.

Take it away, Mags…

What inspired you to become involved in local politics? Was there a Road To District Council moment…?
A frustration with seeing issues not resolved in a place you care very much about. And if someone else won’t solve those problems, then I have to be prepared to do it. As they say, be the change you want to see.

Of your work so far, are there particular achievements that you are particularly proud of?
I am proud of the many voluntary hours I have given to the different local community groups I have been involved with and to see them grow as a result. I particularly take pride in the work I have done at a national policy level in supporting people with dementia and their carers to speak out about living with dementia.

Looking forward, what are the main goals that you would like to achieve over the coming years?
Agitate for more school places, better local facilities for children, for childcare, for community groups but also for older people. We’re a society, not just an economy, and we have to help people live, not just work. I want to bring a new vision to local politics and put care for our community and environment at the centre of how we plan and develop our town and villages.

To turn a fine Mayor Quimby quote into a question, ask not what you can do for your county, but what you can do for Greystones…?
I bring to the table my years of experience in community development and my experience in being involved in local community groups on a voluntary basis. But I also bring an analytical approach from my academic career. I can identify issues, analyse solutions and work out the best way to get to those solutions.

If being a politician doesn’t work out, have you got a Career B in mind? Dancer? Magician? Traffic warden…?
I’m in education, I feel very passionate about that, and I can see myself continuing in this area, no matter what.

You can find out more about independent candidate Mags Crean on her website here, Facebook here, or you can get in touch directly on 0852365079 or

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