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September 28, 2019
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September 30, 2019

The problem with taking a shot of someone like Fred Cooke is that he clearly doesn’t give a rat’s posterior how silly he looks.

One minute, he’s Clark Kent, the next, Danger Mouse. Or is that Penelope Pittstop…?

We should have guessed, of course, the Kells man having brought that certain day release charm to everything from Bridget & Eamon and The Savage Eye to The Republic Of Telly and, of course, Dancing With The Stars.

It was the latter that cemented the rising comedian’s reputation as one of Ireland’s finest and freakiest funny men, although many comedy fans and those within the industry had long known that Fred Cooke was the real deal.

Bringing his show, Fred Space, to Greystones as part of a national tour, when we met up with young Cooke this afternoon in the big city (yep, we left Greystones for a few hours), it was clear that here was one happy camper. Then again, the man has plenty of reasons to be chucklesome, with that glowing reputation, a growing fanbase, and a fine fellow comedian, Julie Jay, on his arm for over a year now.

“I’m basically a lucky, lucky fella,” says Cooke, “who has somehow managed to make a career out of just being silly. Sure, how could I not be happy…?”

Indeed. As he prepares for his Greystones debut at The Whale on Friday, October 11th, the sprightly Fred holds forth on fame, fandangos and being funny…

You can book your spot at Fred Cooke’s Whale show on Friday, October 11th right here, and find out more about the man himself on Twitter here and on Facebook here.