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December 10, 2017
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October 23, 2017

With Toy Story 4 currently riding high, Greystones Film Club decided to throw a party for a Pixar classic’s 10th birthday.

Part of the computer animation pioneers’ initial golden run, when each new film – The Incredibles! Ratatouille! WALL-E! Monsters, Inc! – was heralded as a masterpiece, Pixar’s Up is certainly a film worth celebrating.

As with WALL-E, this is a film of two distinct halves. The first is a love story that will break your heart, a cuddle-to-the-grave ballet of love that sets you up for an emotional rug-pull about 10 minutes in. And so, when lonely, grumpy and sweetly stubborn Carl Fredricksen refuses to move out of the house that love built, we understand. And when he steadfast refuses to engage with that noisy, needy outside world – even in the form of a cute and chubby little boy scout – hey, we definitely understand.

It’s that second half, when Carl and his nervous young companion, Russell, head off on a balloon ride to Venezuala’s Paradise Falls, to fulfill his late wife’s life-long dream trip – well, that’s when things get a little weird, and a whole lotta wonderful. With talking dogs, giant exotic birds and an old adventurer hero who turns out to be far more Colonel Kurtz than Indiana Jones.

Pixar realised early on that a little darkness can make all the colours and the magic of their stories shine that little bit brighter. And that’s certainly the case here.

And, besides, this movie features Doug. The greatest dog that ever strutted across the silver screen.


And who in Greystones can watch this magical movie, and not think, hey, George Jones is looking well…?

This special 10th anniversary screening of Pixar’s Up took place this afternoon, and all of the smart, beautiful, funny, cool and rockin’ kids came out in force to see it. Because they’re smart, beautiful, funny, cool and rockin’ kids.  

Heck, we even managed to get the film’s writer and director, Pete Doctor, to record a special Greystones hello. BOOM-shack-a-lacka! Even Trish Long – the head of Disney in Europe – would have been impressed. We hope.

You can find lots of other groovy big-screen fun on the Greystones Film Club website here. Membership is free, baby!