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My Greystones: Ciara Kelly

MYGREYSTONES ciara kelly 14th JAN 2016 - Copy
You always get the impression with Ciara Kelly that she wouldn’t be the type of woman who would suffer fools gladly.

Which makes her affection for The Greystones Guide all the more surprising.

One of the country’s most famous doctors, thanks to her many media appearances – most notably, of course, on RTE’s Operation Transformation – Ciara is even more famous for her outspoken views in an industry where towing the party line is the norm. So, walking away from Diageo’s STOP Out-Of-Control drinking campaign last March caught many people in the industry by surprise. Those who know Ciara well, or who have been following her career, were not surprised at all though.

Not afraid to call a spade a little fucking shovel, Ciara is happy to risk the slings and arrows of those who like their celebrities happy and docile, whilst also losing out on all that cushy corporate cash. Sure, her four kids could be heading to college on the Diageo dollar if the woman would only smile for the camera, but Ciara knows the importance of a strong backbone. And telling it like it really is.

Calling alternative treatments for autism a form of abuse or telling those guzzling down booze whilst supposedly trying to get in shape that they should be ashamed of themselves, well, you’re sure to upset a lot of people. Thankfully, those particular people need to be upset. Regularly.

So, we’re lucky to have such a woman in our midst, Ms. Kelly clearly aware that a big part of a healthy life is a loving family and a strong community. And it’s clear that, at home, Dr. Ciara is far from the hard-nosed, unforgiving health freak that some might assume. You only have to look at her slob of a husband, Eoin, to see that simply can’t be true.

Find out what Ciara’s other half thinks about Greystones right about here.

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