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October 23, 2020
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October 27, 2020
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Victory For Joe’s!

“I have him, but I don’t have him… I miss him.”

With these simple words, Fiona Lang speaks for thousands of people who have seen a beloved parent slip further and further away because of dementia.

Fiona’s talking about her dad, Paul, currently being cared for by Saint Joseph’s Shankill, and in October, that much-loved centre was nominated for a Charity Impact Award.

And given just how good they’ve been to her dad, Fiona called on each and every Greystonian out there to Vote For Joe’s.

And, lo agus behold, Saint Joseph’s have only gone and won! And here’s their reaction…

You find out more about Saint Joseph’s Shankill here, and find out more about that Lang lad’s charmed life right over here.