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Whitmore Lays Out Her 2020 Vision

Having launched her campaign for the general election back on January 11th, Social Democrat and local councillor Jennifer Whitmore will be familiar with many people around Wicklow.

For anyone playing catch-up, below is Ms Whitmore’s cunning plans and high hopes for the year ahead…

Take it away, Jennifer…

I have been a local public representative now for six years, and it’s a job that I have been honoured to do.

I had never intended to get into politics, but after spending over a decade overseas in Australia and Scandinavia, when I returned to Ireland, I saw the potential for our incredible county of Wicklow. We live in a beautiful county and country, but there are basic issues that are holding us back. There is no need to reinvent the wheel, but we need to apply best international practice to the areas of transport, environment, housing, health and childcare to make Wicklow a better place for our communities, and serve as an example nationally for other counties.

I am running in this election with the intention of winning a seat in Dáil Eireann, as I believe that this is the best way that I can contribute to bringing about these necessary changes, and deliver on these objectives for the people of Wicklow. For me, it’s important that public representatives are focused on delivering results, and establish a track record of getting things done.

Over the past six years, as a full-time Councillor, I have worked with community groups to deliver an extensive number of projects, such as the Greystones Inclusive South Beach Playground, primary & secondary schools, sports and community facilities, and environmental projects across the county. I am also Chairperson for the newly established Strategic Policy Committee on Climate and Biodiversity Action for Wicklow County, and am using that forum to drive policy and change through the Council.

Nationally, as the Social Democrats Party Spokesperson for Children, I was at the forefront of delivering national legislation through the Dail that extended unpaid parental leave to help parents juggle work and family commitments in September of last year. My professional background is in environmental law, fisheries and ecology, and I worked for many years in Australia, developing legislation and policy for the New South Wales Government. I want to utilise that expertise to address the climate and biodiversity crisis that we are facing, and I am determined to make Wicklow a leader in climate action.

However, we also face a housing, health and affordability crisis in this country. We need politicians that are capable of implementing effective, practical, evidence-based policy solutions to our problems – across a wide range of issues.

I believe that I have the expertise internationally and professionally, and a work ethic and ability to get things done, to be a very effective TD for Wicklow at a national level.

You can find out more about Jennifer Whitmore on her website here, on Facebook here, Instagram here, or Twitter here. Don’t think she’s on TikTok yet. You can also get in touch directly on