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May 18, 2020
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A Day In The Life: Paddy Holohan

Continuing our look at life on the frontline in Greystones, we catch up with the bould Paddy, manager of SuperValu on the town’s main thoroughfare.

Having remained open throughout the lockdown, Paddy and co have had to adapt pretty quickly to a whole new set of rules and regulations on top of their daily workload.

And like every other business that has remained opened in the town and beyond, they’ve been doing a sterling job.

But, what’s the average day like for the man in the middle of it all? Hey, you’re about to find out…

5.20am Alarm call

6am Open the back stores to take in two 40ft trucks, one with fresh, chilled stock, the other ambient (fridge and freezer) stock, along with fresh bread deliveries and milkman.

7am Open the shop to the public and ensure all systems are go. Check plan for the day and prioritise.

7.30am-10.30am Merchandise stock and forecast orders. Meet or converse by phone with sales representatives. Meet and greet staff and customers.

10.30am Send ambient orders.

10.30am-11.59am Check and send emails, follow up with suppliers, and check in with team that the day is going to plan.

12pm-1pm Home for lunch if I can. I like to get away from the shop for a bit of quietness in the day, though with the wife and kids at home these days due to Covid, sometimes it’s quieter in the supermarket!!

1pm-4pm Do a walk of the floor to identify any issues with stocks and standards, consult with other members of the management team and deal with any issues that may have arisen during the day. Send or reply to emails or any PMs on social media. Make a plan for the next day.

4pm-5pm These fine days I have my swimming trunks with me and like to head down to The Cove for a refreshing swim. Whereas in January I was running in and out for about 30 seconds in total and shivering for about an hour after, these balmy days allow for a 1/4 hour leisurely swim. The weather has been fantastic lately and we really do have an amazing amenity in the Irish Sea right on our doorstep.

5pm Home then to the lunacy of a household containing a 7- and 9-year-olds, where some days you almost get bowled over at the doorway with hugs, while others you can get completely ignored – definitely if the box in the corner is on.
We do our best to get out for a family walk before having the dinner. It’s so tempting to flop down on the sofa when you get in so it’s important to keep moving.
My 9 year old has started coming out with me on my runs so, on alternate days when we don’t walk, we go for a nice run around beautiful Greystones. I know there might come a day when she doesn’t want a bar of me so you’ve got to treasure these times together. She has also started some sea swimming, which is fantastic.
My 7 year old son likes to come out on his skateboard or scooter!

6.30pm-7.30pm Have the spuds, catching up on all that has happened during the day while telling the kids ‘just please try the broccoli’!

7.30pm-8.30pm Let the kids play, preferably outside while we tidy away the dinner stuff and have a few minutes of adult conversation without the constant interruptions! Catch up on any personal emails or WhatsApps, etc.

8.30pm-9pm Kids to bed (hopefully).

Since the lockdown, it’s been harder and harder to get them to bed on time. During school time, we try to have them in bed by 8pm, though, to be honest this rarely happens.

9pm This is when we try to sit down for a while and watch the news headlines, and maybe an episode of Narcos, though invariably, one or either of us end up falling asleep before it’s over.

11pm Up to bed to attempt to read another page of my book before falling asleep with the light on…

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