Some Enchanted Eejits
May 8, 2021
April 8, 2021

nd so another year comes around, and GG headed back onto the streets with a very simple plan.

Over 100 days, take 100 photos of 100 Greystonians.

With each of the surprised subjects being instructed to stand out in the middle of the street. Where they live.

It started merrily in 2019, and when we began last year’s gallery, in the back of our minds we saw this as the perfect opportunity to show a town and its people transforming as we all went through the eye of the Covid-19 lockdown sweeping the country. And out the other side.

Little did we know that, one year later, we’d still be heading through the eye of that particular pandemic, and as much as the signs are brighter, hey, never say happily ever after. Not until Ireland returns to the everyday freedoms that we all remember and crave.

In the meantime, you can feast your eyes on 2019’s carefree gallery here, 2020’s naively optimistic line-up here and the now-complete 2021 gallery right about here.

And don’t be surprised if you don’t know every single one of them. Sure, we don’t either. All we know for sure is, hey, they’re Greystonians, young and old, freshly-minted and old school.

Looking to 2022, if you know anyone elderly who’s self-isolating or just someone who could do with a moment in the sun, let us know on, and we’ll try and get a photo outside their home to include in your snoreaway Guide.

Just, you know, no ugly feckers. Plainly, we’ve got enough of those already.