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May 25, 2020
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New Signage For The Men’s

Latest press release from Cllr Mags Crean, issued on Thursday, May 27th 2020…

On foot of recent public concerns around swimming safety at The Men’s area of the South beach, and following representations by Cllr. Mags Crean, Greystones Council have agreed to review the existing signage with a view to updating safety signs by including more appropriate information and making them more visible to users of the area.

Cllr. Crean explained that “in the sea area adjacent to The Men’s, a combination of the rocky shoreline, undercurrents during a turning tide and a steep underwater shelf creates something of a washing machine effect. This has over the years created very difficult situations for unsuspecting swimmers.”

Crean added, “With swimming pools and other local amenities closed for the coming weeks, there will no doubt be an increase in swimming and beach recreation.

“Better signage will help to inform people of water safety hazards and effective signage must be incorporated into a local approach to beach safety in our coastal town.”

Naturally, Mary Hackett is not allowed within 100 feet of The Men’s. And that includes in the water too.