Ready To Nourish, Move & Shine?
April 2, 2021
DelganyJR Hit The Magic Number
April 2, 2021

t’s easy to feel a little punch drunk from the amount of applications, approvals and fight backs when it comes to new housing estates around here.

So much so, we nearly missed this week’s thumbs up from Wicklow planning for 99 houses on Chapel Road.

Nestled between the Carmelite development and the nearly-completed Eastmount, local developer Ronan O’Caoimh is involved with all three. We think.

Again, hard to keep track. Especially moving in GG’s low-rent circles.

Anyhoo, the latest new addition to the area comprises of…

99 no two and three storey dwellings including 12 no 4 bed two storey detached dwellings, 6 no 4 bed three storey semi detached dwellings, 10 no 4 bed two storey semi detached dwellings, 44 no 3 bed two storey semi detached dwellings, 4 no 3 bed semi detached bungalows, 19 no 3 bed two storey terraced dwellings and 4 no 2 bed two storey terraced dwellings with a total proposed residential gross floor area of c 11,903 sqm for a single storey creche (181 sqm) including 7 no creche surface car parking spaces and set down area, bicycle parking and external creche play area, ESB substation and switchroom (25sqm), for all boundary walls and fences, for a new vehicular and pedestrian entrance to the development off Chapel Road, internal estate roads, 4 no visitor surface car parking spaces, footpaths, hard and soft landscaping to public open space, for all site services above and below ground including connections to existing services and all associated site development works.

You can go explore some of the recent property shenanigans in the area here, and check out Delgany’s fight back over the 230 houses approved on the Carmelite site here.