History Repeating Itself Once Again
September 22, 2018
Aon Focal Ella
September 22, 2018

It was something of a family affair when the new Ryder 8 Celebration launched at Delgany Golf Club this weekend.

Only two clubs in Ireland can lay claim to a Ryder Cup victory, and with Balmoral in Belfast due to host the party next year, the celebrations began a little closer to the home of two of the victors.

Namely, ghost Ryder in the sky, the late Harry Bradshaw, and the just-about-living Eamonn Darcy, both internationally-acclaimed golfers having each grown up less than a ball’s throw from Delgany Golf Course.

That the Captain of Delgany GC 2018 is Jason Bradshaw, a second cousin to the bould Harry, made this gathering all the more special.

From the USA to England, Finland, Sweden, Spain and Norway, players came from all over the globe for this Ryder Cup love-in, and they were all honoured – nay, blessed – to have GG’s favourite roving photographer, John McGowan, walk among them.

Making each and every one of them look windswept and interesting. Even when they weren’t.

As young Eamonn said of the celebrations, “This is a wonderful way to remember our eight Ryder Cup players, and to promote the band of friendship between these two great clubs”.

You can view all of John McGowan’s hi-res shots – and download them for free – right about here.

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