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December 4, 2020
Is Greystones Being Milked Dry…?
November 4, 2020

Press release from Greystones 2020, issued on Tuesday, November 3rd 2020…

No matter whether Covid-19 is here or not, Greystones will come alight on Saturday 21st November with the town’s lights switched on as normal.

Greystones 2020, with support from all the businesses in the town, Greystones Municipal District, Wicklow Co. Co. & Cairn Construction have ensured that the lights will be back & although there will be no festive Burnaby Park event, the team have planned lots more.

The town will be illuminated as normal with two giant Christmas Trees

Five online workshops in the morning from Decorating Cookies to Christmas Card Making

Competitions online for children and adults with lots of prizes

Twelve Days of Christmas Song painted on twelve shop windows

A Greystones Broadcast online for an hour up to the switching on of the lights at 5pm on Saturday 21st November.

Santa’s Post Box for the children to deliver their letters

Greystones 2020 chairperson Grainne Mc Loughlin said that she was “humbled at how the business community have responded with support in such awful times” and encourages everyone to shop local, whether in person or online.

“It is important that everyone realise that they can’t go into Greystones to see the lights going on, but they can stay at home, get into their Christmas jumpers, light a candle in their front window and watch it online.”

You can watch Greystones’ Christmas lights light up online here, find out more about the mysterious Greystones 2020 over here, and explore our Yuletide’s of yore right here.