Sonny’s Looking For A Chef
August 5, 2020
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July 13, 2020

It’s been a tough few months for all but a handful of Greystones businesses out there…

Most have had to simply pull the shutters down, and ride out the storm.

Others couldn’t wait, and set out to adapt to the Covid-19 lockdown, reshaping and remodeling their business to fit in with the latest government guidelines.

Now, as more and more shops, cafés, bars and beyond come out of hibernation, there’s no question that, for more than a few, this could be make or break time.

We’ve seen the much-loved Three Q’s go under, after 14 years, and the fact that there were persistent rumours that Mrs Robinson wasn’t coming back from her naughty weekend with that young, wide-eyed student reflected the sense of uncertainty in the town. Right now, the lights don’t seem to be coming back on at a handful of premises in the town, but, here’s hoping they’re all just working on a cunning Plan B.

Not that it’s all doom agus gloom. Greystones has long been known as a thriving town, and one of the healthiest and heartiest in the country. And right now, there’s the feelgood factor that comes with new businesses opening up, Sonny’s having hit the ground gunning, their neighbours, The Happy Pear, branching into baking their own bread, and property whizzkids Schnittger Bourne opening soon, just around the corner on Hillside Place.

And let’s not forget the great big Greystones Media Campus that’s in the works, with its film studio sound stages, post-production and workshops, etc, potentially leading to 300 full-time jobs and 1,200 jobs in the film, media and broadcasting sectors.

So, over these crucial months ahead, take the time to check out what this town has to offer. From hardware to hippy wear, from carpets to coffee, hats to hummus and books to booze, there’s a very good chance you’ll find what you need in Greystones.

And, hey, it’s not like that baldy Beelzebub Bezos bozo really needs your money…

You can check out the full gallery of the ugly feckers above right here. We’ll be adding more in the coming weeks…