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September 20, 2019
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November 2, 2019

Given just how many old Greystones photographs we’ve been restoring and archiving over the past seven years, it’s gotten to the point where we’re often not entirely sure exactly what’s down in the vaults.

At this point, there are literally thousands of photographs, and whenever we stumble across some old Greystones shots now, we have to figure, eh, do we have this one already…?

That said, we’re pretty sure that none of this latest batch have been up on the Guide before – although, of course, we could be wrong.

Some real beauties here, such as the magnificent harbour sunset above, taken by Bryant Crubaugh on October 16th, 2006.

There are also new-to-us crackers from old favourites John McGowan and Chris Dobson, as well as a few true golden oldies that needed quite a bit of work.

Including getting rid of one or two ugly business magpie logos.

Still, there are worse ways to spend a Sunday afternoon…

Greystones Harbour 2AUG07 John McGowan

Harbour Boat by Chris Dobson

Harbour Boat 27APR06 Eric van Berkel

Harbour Bill by Chris Dobson

Greystones Harbour OCT99 Ealonian

Harbour Does Christmas by Chris Dobson

Harbour Snow by Chris Dobson

On Dry Land 29DEC07 Desmond Kavanagh

Ye Olde Harbour Rainbow by Aimée 2006

Waiting For The Tide 20JAN04 Wolfman Moike

Ye Olde Harbour Grass by Gary Hawkins

Old Harbour Sunset 9MAR07 Sinead Toolan

Sunset Fishing 28JUNE07 Shay Murphy

Harbour Pier Swim

Greystones Harbour Pier 1950s

Greystones Harbour Pier by Gareth Byrne

In The Dock 6JAN08 Liam JK

Greystones Harbour 6AUG06 John McGowan

Greystones Harbour 15FEB19 Lynn Noel

Greystones Harbour 16JAN05 John McGowan

All Washed Up 2AUG07 John McGowan

Harbour Fishing 25AUG07 Jon Flynn

A Harbour Sprinkling by Chris Dobson

Grand Day Out at The Harbour by Chris Dobson

Greystones Harbour 2007 by John McGowan

Greystones Harbour Collage 7AUG05 Finian Murphy

Harbour Sunset 2007 John McGowan

Harbour Dawn by Dave Stanway

Greystones Harbour Dogs Home by Paumurp

Ye Olde Harbour Sunset by Tom Scott

Now, go jump into the main Old Harbour page here. Or just jump straight to the off-site warehouse right about here.

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  1. David says:

    Beautiful collection of photos, Paul! Loved it the way it was, and will never like it now but I hope the new way will be a success all the same.