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December 7, 2018
In Through The Out Door
February 6, 2019

It seems like only yesterday that Benny Taglienti put the call out for a little help from his friends.

In truth, it was in early October that it became known that, thanks to that feck known as Motor Neuron Disease, a new downstairs bathroom was needed at the Taglienti HQ.

And within eight weeks, and a handful of benefits and a whole lotta love, that spanking new extension is standing before us today.

And, bejiggers, it’s impressive. Not only does it have that new house smell, but this fine piece of architectural beauty is also double-insulated. And boasts a patio. And a lit overhang shelter for writing poetry. And having a fag.

This afternoon, catching up with Benny to hear about his little Christmas miracle, he was quick to give thanks and praise to everyone who helped get his new home built. Including Mandy O’Neill, Kellie Ryder, Hannah Cox and Katie O’Connor at the Benny’s Benefit Bash, where Elaine, Ann and Aqui from Joker’s kept us all well fed, and where The Chosen Few and Elvis Himselvis rocked the house. The house being The Hot Spot, of course, kindly donated for free on the night by Ailbhe Skay.

There was also Brady’s Hardware, who donated the paint, and Ken Wheatley, who commissioned the boiler, whilst Benny wanted to make sure that Linda Byrne and co got a shout-out for their coffee morning fundraiser at the Dr Ryan Community Centre

Oh, “and make sure Sharon Felton gets a big, big shout-out too,” said Benny, before stating that “all of these people, and all those who donated, came along to the fundraisers, or just helped out, thanks to everyone who made this possible. And the man who actually built it is just incredible. Tony Hall and his crew got this place up off the foundations in three weeks, and they made such a beautiful job of it…”

As if by magic, Tony Hall just happened to call by after Benny and GG finished chatting, and so, we got a pic of two solid, happy men outside one very solid, very groovy new commode abode…

You can still donate to Benny T’s post-motor neuron disease life here, and if you ever need some home improvements done, Tony Hall is yer only man.

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