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June 8, 2017
My Greystones: Ian Pettersson
June 4, 2017

Oh yes, it was ladies night, and the feeling was right, down in The Cove on Saturday…

From the moment Fiona Roche and her buddies swaggered down one hour early to get a good seat to the witching hour when Fiona Roche and her buddies staggered back up to the road home, the outdoor screening of Dirty Dancing was truly a night to remember.

Still, it’d be interesting to know just how many of those present will, come Sunday morning, be able to remember exactly what they did, or where, or how, or with whom.

Which is where your soaraway Guide comes in. Not only do we have over 250 shots – from that early bird Roche to two of the last stragglers [left], each one relying on the other to walk straight – but there’s also some fine-if-stupidly-dark video of the Greystones Outdoor Cinema’s traditional Last Dance that rounded out the night.

And what better song to dance to than Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes belting out The Time Of My Life?

Big, big thanks to the Sun King himself, Mr Ross McParland [above, with his foxy wife, Elaine], who quietly makes sure that everything, from the free pizza, free popcorn, free beach balls, free t-shirts, free masks and free ponchos to that dirty big screen up on The Cove wall are all present, correct and paid for.

Ross also manages to get the weather sorted for each and every outdoor screening too. Man, he clearly knows people in very high places.

Big hugs too, to his trusty assistant, Lisa Toner, and her motley crew of misfits, plus, of course, the firm-buttocked young Dave Byrne, and his Outdoor Movies crew, Neasa and his incredibly yummy Pizza Truck creations, and the fine people at Pizza Shack, who swung by late-on with even more free goodies!

Here’s to The Little Mermaid on August 4th – details soon. In the meantime, put on your red shoes, and dance the booze…


Now go check out the full Dirty Dancing gallery right here. And if you’d like a free hi-res copy of any of the shots, just email us info@greystonesguide.ie.

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  1. Lorraine Clear says:

    Thanks once again to all involved for a Great night. Can’t wait for The Next instalment x