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February 16, 2017
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February 17, 2017
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Video Loves The Radicchio Stars

Some say it’s the truckloads of organic, free-range moolah they’re earning that has them smiling all the time, but, there is an argument to be made that what actually makes the Flynn twins so damn happy are those early morning swims.

Gathering with friends every single morning down at The Cove, even when they’re hungover, Stevo and Wavey Davey are certainly feeling the benefit of such daily exercise of both body and mind.

Sure, wouldn’t we all be sex gods if we slapped down that cold Irish Sea first thing every day, shouting, “Who’s your Paddy!?“…?

Local news & media outlet ThirtyRev – ‘we believe in creating films that contribute towards making the world a safe, just and sustainable place‘ – tagged along for one of the Pear’s early morning dips, talking to not only the twins and a yummy mummy but even that eejit Raj too.


Selected for the Sunlight Film Festival 2017 (a Berlin-based happy-clappy endeavour), if this inspires any of you to get out of bed an hour earlier to shock you day into action, do let us know… 

You can check out ThirtyRev here, previous Happy Pear Swimrises here, and stare out at the ocean from the comfort of your own home right here.

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