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October 28, 2020
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November 2, 2020

As the effervescent Robin Williams tragically proved, even the brightest of people can have dark days.

Just ask Elliot Crampton.

Here’s a ridiculously talented and successful musician, embedded in a family of ridiculously talented and successful musicians (complete with a loving ma and pa, and three fairly likeable siblings), not even a whisper of a pot belly, and a full head of flowing red locks too.

The bastard.

Surely such a handsome twentysomething rocker about town never has a reason to frown…?

Hey, of course he does. Just like everybody else on this shuddering planet of ours, Elliot can sometimes feel the earth’s axis shift beneath his feet and the foundations of his world suddenly shake, rattle and roll away.

It happened a few years ago, but, being a twentysomething rocker with gigs to play and top tracks to record, Elliot threw the prescription pills into his guitar case. And got on with what he reckoned was, after all, a charmed life.

Jump to 2020, the year that axis shifted for just about everyone, and Elliot’s depression came back. With a vengeance.

He couldn’t eat. He couldn’t sleep. He couldn’t even stand up straight.

That was a few months ago. Now, Elliot is swimming with his friends on the North Beach every morning, and running pretty much daily. On the advice of a friend who had been through a similar experience and found that the drugs did actually work, Elliot is also taking his medication. And combined with all of the above, feeling better all the time.

Which is why he wants to use his recovery efforts to help others recover. Throughout the coming month, Elliot is undertaking his own personal Movember, running a total of 60km as a representation of the 60 men we lose to suicide around the world every single hour

You can donate to the Movember run right about here. In the meantime, we got Elliot to pull up a drum stool in his Big Red studio as we discussed why it’s okay not to feel okay…

Again, you can donate to Elliot’s Movember marathon right here. You can also find various local and national helplines here.