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Adventure Youth Club

Having run a girls club and a boys club for the last year, the Greystones Family Resource Centre have decided to go for an equal opportunities get-together with a Thursday evening hang-out especially for boys & girls together.

Activities will include kayaking, indoor climbing, baking, hillwalking, board games, peak challenge, overnight trips, and lots of other groovy gender-bending pursuits.

Open to kids between 12 and 14 who are in secondary school, this free service is overseen by Bray Youth Service, and will hopefully be the first of many youth clubs popping up around town, with Charlesland and Trafalgar Road also due to open their doors to our young and bored over the coming year.

Parents will need to fill out a consent form, of course, and you can grab one of those by contacting the centre on 012557528 or 0879176401. The club is every Thursday, 5.30pm at the Greystones Family Resource Centre at no.28 Burnaby Court.

Find out more about the mighty Greystones Family Resource Centre through our video chat with head honcho Aoibhinn right here. You can also find out about the Girls Youth Club here.

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