Would DNA Testing KO Dog Poo Problem?

Growing Strains
May 19, 2021
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May 20, 2021

t is, of course, a long-running problem here in Greystones…

There are about 4.7 dogs per person, and, at last count, about 47% of those dogs like to leave their Milk Tray calling cards all over town.

Or something like that. Our researcher is still dizzy from the smell.

One suggestion that has been put forward by town councillors is DNA testing on the dog poo. So we can follow the line of poopy back to the dog’s feckless and poo-bag-free owner.

Part of the problem is that prosecutions for such crimes against the community and shoes are rarely successful. Having said that, Myra Porter of Greystones District Council did have some happy news of a recent incident on the Cliff Walk when one such offender was approached by a member of the public and, after a few choice words, sped off in their car. A car with a handy registration plate, and a fine was then issued, and paid. Noice.

Still, a rare victory, and not even extra bins have stopped this disgusting habit. “It’s a bit like litter,” says Porter. “It’s an attitude…”

And so, at a recent council meeting, the idea of DNA testing was put forward by Cllr Gerry Walsh, citing a recent successful introduction Leitrim. Cllr Lourda Scott seconded that motion. “”I did research on the DNA scheme and there was something like an 80 percent decrease in areas where it was introduced.”

Cllr Tom Fortune felt time was of the essence. “We’ve been talking about this for years – forever!” he said. “We’re going around in circles. People are annoyed and think we do nothing about it.

“I think apart from doing DNA, we need to open up a very public interaction with the public and tell them what we’re talking about and what the challenges are. Get their input, and work together. It’s ridiculous. It’s everywhere you walk. One of these days, a child will get sick as a result of it.”

For her part, Cllr Scott said the council needed to be more proactive.

“We have to try something or we’ll just be having the same conversation month in, month out, and that’s no use to anyone.”